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Since you are here at my website, I know we have something in common—a healthy curiosity about the spiritual world we live in.


Like many of us, I have been interested in all matters relating to spirituality since childhood. 


I received intuitive messages and visions in my early childhood. I realized around 4 or 5 years old that I shouldn't share this information. I was confused that other people did not see or hear these things (at least they didn’t admit it!).

After this realization, I kept the visions and messages to myself and was aggravated that I was receiving them—after all, I didn’t want to be different from everyone else!


In my early teens, my best friend and I made the mistake of experimenting with the Ouija board. After a couple of very upsetting incidents, we got rid of the board!


Unfortunately, we didn't realize how to psychically defend ourselves to make safe contact with the spiritual realms and just left ourselves open to any old low-level entity to come through


Later, when I was just out of high school, over 30 years ago, I bought my first deck of Tarot cards and an interpretation book.


I was excited to realize the cards "spoke" to me. In the beginning, I went by the book and only read for close friends and family.


The questioner or a third person would write down the pertinent facts of the reading. The purpose of this was to be able to later gauge the accuracy of the reading.

It was all fun and games at first—the readings were light, accurate and easygoing—until I read my friend Maureen.* She and another mutual friend, Meg,* had just moved into a cute apartment together.


That night the cards told a tale of relocating far away, love, marriage, pregnancy, miscarriage, separation along with profound loss and sorrow, We laughed it off—Maureen wasn’t planning to move far away—and she certainly wasn’t planning a family at age 19!


But the cards predicted otherwise.


Within weeks, Maureen announced she was moving to Texas because she had met someone.


The next thing we knew, Maureen followed her heart to the Lone Star State and Meg was looking for a new roommate.


I congratulated Maureen and her new husband when she became pregnant, and I cried with her after the baby miscarried and subsequent divorce.


This experience taught me to respect the cards and I insisted that the people I read show respect also.

The experience with Maureen made me realize that I needed to add protection through prayers and intentions when using my intuition.


 As my abilities grew and I no longer needed the book to confirm messages I was receiving, I began to read for people other than family and friends.


I learned to differentiate between the negative and positive energies emanating from different questioners.


Some people made me extremely uncomfortable when reading them, and I learned to avoid these types of toxic entities, so to speak. My peace of mind demanded it during the early stages.


For years, I drifted and denied my psychic abilities as I found it difficult to pass on messages people may not want to hear.


I hid in the psychic closet and buried myself in the intense and solid energy of the corporate world. I busied myself creating computer applications.


I was generally ignoring my visions and natural intuition.


Even though I got married and became a mother of two sons, I felt unfulfilled and my marriage ended after only a few years. 

In 1995 I had a sudden health emergency. While it was terrifying for my loved ones, who thought they were losing me, my near death experience turned everything around for me.


I saw and felt the angels and the beings of light overwhelming me with comforting healing and love. I honestly did not care to come back!


But I was told that I still had a lot of work on Earth yet to do, one of my tasks being to motivate and encourage people to figure out what's holding them back and pursue their dreams and purpose.


One day while meditating, I asked God for a sign that I was on the true and correct path to my life’s calling. I felt His presence so strongly, and the bright loving light so enfolded me, that I was filled with the knowingness that I was indeed on the correct path.


The decision to follow my dream while helping others do the same was made.


I began reading everything I could find about metaphysics, angels, fairies, near death experiences, past life regression and lightwork.

For a while I found I had no one close to me to talk with while going through this phase. I had a hard time telling friends and family what I was receiving and when I did try to talk to them they seemed uncomfortable. It wasn't that they didn't want to understand, they just couldn't.


I felt very isolated. It was a very difficult time for me.


Finding my own path was difficult as I live in an area of the country that does not have many metaphysical or healing centers.


I was unhappy in my job though. After years of doing the job of the department director, the promised promotion didn’t go through.


Instead they hired a director and told me I would be training her to do my job. I was devastated! How could they knowing that I was a single mother do this to me?


I left the office that day without telling anyone and as I was getting in my car, I heard Mother Mary say, “Don’t worry, something better is going to happen.”

And it did!! About a month before this I had written a letter to Divinity asking that I get a job where I could help people that was in alignment with what I had been told in my near death experience.


The very next day, when I returned to work and decided I was going to revamp my resume, a coworker walked up holding a job posting. She said, “You need to apply for this job, it’s perfect for you!” I looked and it was a employee development specialist.


I had no idea a job like this even existed in the company! I didn’t have the degree or experience the job required but had faith and applied anyway.


Guess what? I got it!!! And a few weeks later I had my own office and was doing what I felt like I was meant to do. However, the Universe had other plans.


When the economy started faltering, the company didn’t put as much emphasis on developing their employees and our department was being cut.

I was shifted into taking over the MBA recruiting process. Not a job I had experience in but I did the best I could without any direction as everyone involved left the company.


This was only a temporary initiative however, there was no budget for MBA recruiting for the next calendar year.


During this time Mother Mary came to me and told me I would get a new job and be working under a certain executive. I couldn’t even imagine how that would happen!


One day as I was a bit teary-eyed and speaking in my head to Divinity about my career, my boss walked in and said, “Hey, I was just talking to so-and-so and there’s a perfect job opening for you. Call him right now!”


Again, I didn’t have the degree or experience they said they required but I got the job. It was in communications and a very creative job. I was in heaven, this was my dream job!!!!

Two weeks later Mother Mary came to me again saying my job would be ending and that it would be time to do my lightwork.


I was baffled, here I was in my dream job and this was happening? I was a single mom, I needed to be able to support my family on my own!


How could I do readings for a living?


A week later the company announced a merger (really a buyout) and we would have to either move to the east coast or take a generous severance package.


I also got a new boss who was wonderful!!! She was very into metaphysics and we became close friends and still are to this day!!!


A friend had given me Doreen Virtue’s book, “Divine Guidance.” My boss read it and the next day came into my office and said, “Doreen Virtue is giving a week-long class next week in Miami Beach. I signed us both up for it because I know you are supposed to go.”


The class was a week after we were being laid off. The Angel Therapy Practioner® certification course is where Doreen Virtue gave intensive training on working with the angels.


Angel Therapy® is connecting with others' angels and guides. ATPs perform healings to remove negativity and blocks

Taking the Angel Therapy® course changed my life! Most of what I learned prior was taught to me by my angels and spirit guides (including the Archangels and Masters such as Mother Mary and Jesus).


During the ATP course I was given terms to explain what I had learned. I found out that my primary way of receiving divine information is claircognizance, which means "direct knowing."


 I highly recommend all of Doreen Virtue's books and products (her oracle cards are amazing!).


The information comes to mind directly and seems to be without any origin. Like an unfolding thought, visions, feelings and words will usually follow.


I suddenly know things--information suddenly will “pop” into my head. 

So here I am!! And why the name “ShiningLite?” I have been fascinated with shining lights since babyhood. I used to see little shining light orbs.


Every time I needed to choose an email or user name, “Shininglight” was always already taken so I began to automatically choose shininglite.


The word “lite” is often used to describe crystals and stones but its definition is “safe and harmless” and “Having less substance or weight or fewer calories than something else” like the angels.

In addition to being an ordained spiritual minister and Angel Therapy Practitioner®, I am a certified hypnotherapist.


I welcome the chance to be a spiritual helper as you seek your own path in life.


Love & Light,



Your angels may have been Divinely led to this site to learn how you can personally connect with them.

You are invited to explore this site with an open heart and mind and know you are never truly alone.

The Divine and the angels want to help you on your spiritual journey.

Learn why Divinity created Angels, the beings of pure spirituality.

Discover how to call on the great and powerful Archangels . Learn each one's strengths and specialties.

Learn how your Guardian Angels can influence and improve your life.

Lightworkers  volunteered before birth to help Earth and its population heal from the effects of fear.


Archangel Michael is the protector and guider of light.


Learn about angelic soul clearings, cutting negative etheric cords and shielding.

Gabrielle/Gabriel, the Archangel of communications, inspiration and divine guidance.


Meditate to activate your third eye and meet your higher self.

Archangel Raphael rules healing energies.


Work with Raphael to heal yourself and others. He can also protect during travels.

Archangel Uriel's name means "Light of God" and is the Archangel of Salvation


Uriel can assist you in becoming a master of your energies.


The aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds all living things and inanimate objects.


The source is psychic or “soul energy.

The influences of the Chakras.


Learn this importance of clearing and balancing these energy centers.

Developing your intuition can bring you into harmony with life.


By trusting more than what we just see or hear we become empowered.

The word purpose means to have intention, reason and drive.


Our lives are about evolving as souls.


Certain crystals carry angelic vibrations and abilities.


Learn to clear and program your crystals.

Layers of negative attitudes and limiting beliefs can be cleared and released energetically when you experience an angelic soul clearing.

Animal Guides, also known as “animal totems” and “power animals” are spirit guides in the form of animals on our planet.

Like many of us, I have been interested in all matters relating to spirituality since childhood. 


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This is a chance to get information about your angels, guides, life path and what they’ve observed.


It’s also an opportunity to ask questions about spirituality and day-to-day life.

Gain knowledge and experience and get more in touch with your intuition without leaving the comfort of your home.


Individual classes are scheduled around your availability.


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Deeply meaningful for those on a spiritual path who want to know who their angels are and how to connect with them. Guardian angels give loving gentle guidance only the angels can provide.


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Shift your life by opening your intuition with one-on-one training and certification


Discover and refine your life purpose and calling as an angelic messenger.





Do you have a gift, talent or passion that's desperately trying to be expressed but you're held back by fear, lack of resources or no support?


I am here to support you and offer practical advice to work through issues.

 Your more earthly day-to-day questions can answered using oracles and questions could relate to your relationships, career, finances and other issues.


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Getting a higher perspective and insight when considering changes is helpful.


I offer both telephone and email readings as well as in person readings.