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Layers of negative attitudes and limiting beliefs can be cleared and released energetically when you experience an angelic soul clearing.


Some symptoms of being surrounded by negativity are mood swings, mental confusion or distraction, temper outbursts, procrastination, fatigue along with an inability to move forward with one's life in a positive way.

Even though it is frightening to some, I must mention that fear along with certain habits and attitudes attract negative disembodied entities and negative thought forms. These types of attachments commonly occur to people who have used recreational drugs and/or alcohol, had concussions, been anaesthetized, suffered childhood abuse, smokers, chronic liars, thieves, con artists and those who exhibit pronounced anger, grief or depression.

Getting an angelic soul clearing is like having a psychic vacuum; releasing these energies and healing the soul by removing the effects of any unconscious agreements, vows and emotional attachments. Of course, it must be noted that you have to be ready to release this negative energy. Some people hold on to past hurts and traumas and will not get the full benefit of the clearing.


Two common blocks are the fear of boredom (some people, especially those with chaotic childhoods, crave constant drama in their life) or a feeling of unworthiness (the feeling of guilt that they are undeserving of happiness and healing). Itís important to be ready, on all levels, to experience a clearing.


Most difficult to clear are "earthbounds" which are disembodied souls who are stuck, by choice or accident, in the realm closest to ours.

Because earthbounds no longer have physical bodies, they attach to individuals and feed off their fear or get their fix from their hostís habits.


If these spirits are very persistent a Depossession may needed using hypnosis. Read the book, "The Unquiet Dead" by Edith Fiore for more information on earthbounds and the confusion they can wreck in one's life


Note: I do not perform depossessions.

The first step is to give permission for and assistance to be cleared.


You must grant permission to Archangel Michael and your guardian angels to perform a clearing. If this is for someone else, than they must give their permission. We are granted free will during our earthly incarnations, angels canít help unless we ask/give permission,


An important and integral part of the clearing procedure is to remove all entities and negative forces from the individual.


The angelic soul clearing can create phenomenal changes in people's lives. In addition to feeling more positive, light and happy, may people frequently report after receiving a clearing that they:

Felt a boost in their energy level

Experience more inner peace and serenity

Get along better with others

Have increased clarity


Feel more relaxed and less stressed

Connect more easily to their soul

Shift to a higher level of consciousness

More easily able to break useless habits


Learn how to do your own simple version of the Angelic Soul Clearing with Archangel Michael here


Itís exciting to hear how clients transform and make significant changes in their lives. Questions? Please feel free to email me at


Angelic Soul Clearings are purchased as a monthly subscription. Clearings will be done once a week (you do not have to be present or aware of when, however, you may gently feel a lifting of energy) and will continue until the subscription is canceled.


To order an Angel Clearing subscription, please click on the PayPal button below. I will be confirming your purchase via email with more information once the payment clears. PayPal accepts major credit cards and also debits checking accounts. Please be sure to read my disclaimer. What can you expect? Click here.



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