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Angel Readings are deeply meaningful for those on a spiritual path who desire the loving guidance only the angels can provide.


Angel readings can help you with personal, emotional and spiritual growth to help deal with the challenges life continually presents.


When you know who to call on and how they can help you, this spiritual support system is very reassuring.


Our angels want to help us live our life to its full potential.


They want us to honor our Divine gifts and fulfill our life purpose.


Angel messages are always loving and encouraging.  


Guardian Angel Readings

This is a special opportunity to receive guidance from your guardian angels and the angelic realm.


Our angels are observers who see all we do and say which is why they were once known as ‘the watchers.’


They do not read our minds or are able to interfere with anyone’s free will but they do hear the prayers and thoughts you put out there.

You will be reassured you are never alone—your guardian angels are always with you and support you in every way they can.


Angels always counsel us from a place of love, so connecting with your Angels is always a gentle, positive and uplifting experience.

Our Guardian Angels' primary purpose is to guide us to make the best decisions for our spiritual growth and highest good which does not always refer to worldly possessions.


Their personal messages encourage us move forward confidently and create the life we desire.




It's important to note that an angel reading is not a medium reading and does not bring direct contact with departed loved ones.


Angels are a different energy and of the spiritual realm I primarily work with.

Angel readings are very different from other readingsthe reading will center on you—your spiritual and personal growth rather than telling you to apply at ABC company or that you'll soon meet the love of your life (sometimes this will come up though if the angels are asked). 


Questions like who is my soul mate and life partner, career path or which college to apply to, etc. are can better addressed in a precognitive Oracle Reading.


I take pride in providing quality readings and only do so many a week as each one takes several hours to do.


The readings are scheduled as they're purchased and all email readings must be prepaid. There is usually a waiting list of one to four weeks.

Guardian Angel Reading   $117

by email only

Find out who your guardian angel is, why a specific angel is your guardian during this lifetime, how you can communicate with your angel and how your guardian angel can help you.

Archangel Readings

Archangel Readings for Specific Questions 

Archangels know all of us and are blessed with the ability to intervene in everyone's life. Answers to specific questions are usually about a page to two pages long depending on the clarity of the question.


Questions about major patterns and blocks are examples of questions that can be answered by this reading. As you know, we are the only ones that have control over our own lives. Archangels will support, protect and guide us on the path but there always has to be some effort on the seeker's part to bring more fulfillment and joy into life. This is not a reading for your day-to-day life.


Good questions for Archangel Readings would be “My dream is to _____, what is the best plan to get there?” I want to ________ in life. How can I make this a reality?” “I am having trouble attracting a romantic partner. What can I do differently?” “My spouse/child/parent/sibling/best friend won’t talk to me anymore. What happened and how can I avoid a similar situation in the future?”


The Archangels are loving and positive as they tell us the truth, supporting us as we face our fears, move past blocks and let our true selves shine through.


A 1-2 question reading is a longer answer for one question and shorter answers for two. The 3-4 Question Reading would be  longer answers for 2 to 3 questions or shorter answers for four questions.

Archangel Reading 1-2 Specific Questions  (via email only)

Archangel Reading for 3-4 Specific Questions (via email only)

$81 $117



How To Order ShiningLite Readings

To order an email reading, click on the PayPal button below or the one you desire.


I will confirm your reading by email with the scheduled date after PayPal notifies me of the verified payment.


PayPal is a secure site and accepts major credit cards and debits checking accounts.


If you want to pay by check or money order, just email me at for instructions.


This is a chance to get information about your angels, guides, life path and what they’ve observed.


It’s also an opportunity to ask questions about spirituality and day-to-day life.

Gain knowledge and experience and get more in touch with your intuition without leaving the comfort of your home.


Individual classes are scheduled around your availability.


To

Deeply meaningful for those on a spiritual path who want to know who their angels are and how to connect with them. Guardian angels give loving gentle guidance only the angels can provide.


 To read more... 

Shift your life by opening your intuition with one-on-one training and certification


Discover and refine your life purpose and calling as an angelic messenger.





Do you have a gift, talent or passion that's desperately trying to be expressed but you're held back by fear, lack of resources or no support?


I am here to support you and offer practical advice to work through issues.

 Your more earthly day-to-day questions can answered using oracles and questions could relate to your relationships, career, finances and other issues.


To

What is my life’s purpose?” “Why am I here?” are common questions we ask. These are the questions that are answered in this reading. I will connect directly to the Divine who will reveal your Soul Path. To read more.

Getting a higher perspective and insight when considering changes is helpful.


I offer both telephone and email readings as well as in person readings.


Readings only show possible outcomes, not a definite fate. We are all gifted with free will—I will happily show you to your path, but only you can take the first step.


Remember, these are suggestions—no destiny is written in stone. Your free will, along with, to some extent, the free will of others, determines your outcome.

Readings are a wonderful way to get guidance in your life but God and benevolent spirits are not going to live your life for you and give you a step by step guide on where to go and what to do.

That would rob you of your right to free choice on Earth. My goal is to help people heal and empower them to take control of their life and live it to its fullest.

While spiritual healing is not a replacement to conventional medicine, it is used successfully as a complement.


Spiritual healing has been known to help some people where conventional medicine has failed. However, it is in your best interest to seek medical attention for any symptoms you may be experiencing.


Read my entire Disclaimer here.

Would you show up day after day for work if you weren’t paid?

Of course not!


And if you were an artist would you give all your work away?

Do you have trouble asking for compensation of your services provided, especially if they're non-traditional or spiritual?


Wondering why psychics and energy workers charge for their services? Click here!

How much of a part should you play in a reading? The most important thing is to be a good listener. Don't interrupt too often. Psychics work  from a flow of ideas. .


Whether you are getting a reading from me or someone else it's helpful to know how to get a beneficial reading.


Some "Do's & Don'ts" along with what expectations to have. Read more...



Your angels may have been Divinely led to this site to learn how you can personally connect with them. You are invited to explore this site with an open heart and mind and know you are never truly alone. The Divine and the angels want to help you on your spiritual journey.

Learn why Divinity created Angels, the beings of pure spirituality.

Discover how to call on the great and powerful Archangels . Learn each one's strengths and specialties.

Learn how your Guardian Angels can influence and improve your life.


The electromagnetic field that surrounds all living things and inanimate objects is the Aura.


The source is psychic or “soul energy.

The influences of the Chakras.


Learn this importance of clearing and balancing these energy centers.

Archangel Michael is the protector and guider of light.


Learn about angelic soul clearings, cutting negative etheric cords and shielding.


Gabrielle/Gabriel, the Archangel of communications, inspiration and divine guidance.


Meditate to activate your third eye and meet your higher self.

Archangel Raphael rules healing energies.


Work with Raphael to heal yourself and others. This Archangel can also protect during travels.

Archangel Uriel's name means "Light of God."


Uriel can assist you in trading your pain for peace. Become a master of your energies by releasing old baggage.


The word purpose means to have intention, reason and drive. Read more...


Our lives are about evolving as souls.


Our basis for being here has as much to do with what we learn and what we become as with what we do.

Lightworkers are those who volunteered before birth to help Earth and its population heal from the effects of fear.


Each lightworker is here for a sacred purpose.


All over this planet, lightworkers are awakening.

Developing your intuition can bring you into harmony with life. By trusting more than what we just see or hear we become empowered.


Opening up to the Divine energy that surrounds us is helps create the life you dream about.