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Angels are beings of pure spirituality. Below is a summary explaining how angels differ from other celestial helpers and God.


You've always had angels signifying their presence. But, have you acknowledged their contact?


Angels already work with our natural intuitive and spiritual abilitieswe only need to heighten our awareness so we'll recognize when our angels are trying to get our attention.


Angels help us help ourselves. They inspire us to realize and carry out our life's purpose.


Recognize their signs and invite them to be on your team!

May angels rest beside your door,
May you hear their voices sing.
May you feel their loving care for you,
May you hear their peace bells ring.
May angels always care for you,
And not let you trip and fall,
May they bear you up on angel's wings,
May they keep you standing tall.
May they whisper wisdom in your ear,
May they touch you when you need,
May they remove from you each trace of fear,
May they keep you from feeling greed.
May they fill you with their presence,
May they show you love untold,
May they always stand beside you
And make you ever bold.
May they teach you what you need to know
About life here and here-after.
May they fill you always with their love
And give you the gift of laughter


"Although the angel is only one spiritual being among the entire heavenly host, and merely one creature in all of Creation, it has no limitations of any kind upon its powers and abilities. This is for the simple reason that their entire existences of having the capacity to fulfill all tasks given to it are derived from God. One should not think, however, that because their powers come from a source outside themselves angels are weak and feeble. On the contrary, because angels' strength comes directly from God it is beyond compare and has no equal anywhere in the universe. Such a conception of angelic power helps to stress the close relationship between angels and God and the degree to which they are different from humanity."

* Based on writings in the book, Angels A-Z, by Matthew Bunson.





The highest of the nine angelic orders. These angels truly vibrate at a very high level of energy. They bring the healing flame of love from heaven to earth and are often identified with fire. They usually appear as the purest, brightest light. It’s difficult for us to physically see Seraphim because they are so intensely dazzling. It’s an overwhelming amount of energy for humans to handle.


The Seraphim will shine the light into darkness making us aware of previously hidden situations. They are our highest source of light in the angelic realm. In your mind’s eye they will probably come through as a huge presence or light and a feeling of unconditional love and light. They are the angels of miracles remind us that there are no coincidences.


Michael, Metatron, Sepheriel, Galgaliel, Seraphiel and Uriel

Although Cherubs are often depicted as winged babies, they are some of the most powerful and awe inspiring of all angels. They emanate the love of God and possess knowledge and wisdom.


Messages from this choir may come as an unfolding thought that takes a while to fully understand. You understand the concept in your mind but don’t have the words to describe it to anyone else until it decompresses.


Cherubim angels are nearly always guardians of people whose life work involves children and animals. Cherubims will come through as cute, little angels because that’s our expectation but they will often choose other forms.


Gabrielle/Gabriel, Ophaniel, Raphael, Uriel, Sachiel and Zophiel

Often described as “wheels” or the “many-eyed ones,” Thrones fulfill the divine justice of God. As the angels of justice, emulate the light of God with radiant fairness and honesty. They are without pride and ambition and with perfect objectivity they can dispense truthful, guidance.


They are also the angels of energy and they can help you feel centered and grounded. Thrones often come through as radiant rainbow prisms of light and love. They often are holding symbols that represent justice,  truth and wisdom.


Colors are bronze, copper, silver, gold – very metallic light will often indicate you are connecting with a Throne’s energy.


Ambriel, Jophiel, Orifiel, Raziel and Zaphkiel







Dominions or Dominations are rarely seen by humans and usually appear as green and gold and their symbol is a scepter that represents their authority over all created things. Through them the majesty of God is manifested. They are the managers and directors of the universe.


Dominions regulate the tasks of the angels maintaining the order of the universe. They direct others’ guardian angels and oversee God’s divine plan. Guardian angels go to them when they need help.


Call on the Dominations for any situation that calls for leadership. Any projects that require administration, managerial decision-making and delegation can be helped by Dominations.


Hashmal, Muriel, Zadkiel and Zacharel

The Virtues preside over the elements of the world and celestial life. On earth they watch over nature and every facet of natural life. They also assist humans by bestowing grace and valor within our hearts.


Virtues  give us encouragement to make healthy choices and keep us strong during hardship and suffering. They give us the strength to always turn to God, especially in our time of need. Virtues are attracted to people who always go the extra mile. The ones who never say never!


Virtues come through in healing colors, gold, green, silver and orange.


Gabrielle/Gabriel, Michael, Peliel, Sabriel, Tarshish, Uriel and Uzziel, Yahoel

The Powers are our defenders and assist each soul to overcome vices, negativity and darkness. They defend the universe from evil keeping order and stability.


They are the universe’s first and last defense against low level and malevolent spirits. These are the angels of forewarnings who will attempt to warn us of danger by giving us signs such as the shivers or the hair on the back of our necks stand up.


Because their specialty is symmetry and balance they can bring harmony in negative and uncertain situations. They come through as copper light and their symbol is a flaming sword.


Camael, Gabrielle/Gabriel, Galgaliel, Michael, Phanuel, Raphael, Shamshiel and Verchiel







These are the caretakers, or guardian angels of nations, provinces, counties, districts, cities, towns, villages, buildings and houses. Instead of personal protectors, they are the administrators and can have direct involvement in the affairs of humanity.


Principalities regulate for the good of humankind by guiding the world leaders.


In light of world events, ask for the intervention of Principalities as they can perform mystifying miracles or events (although they are usually explained away as unusual or natural incidents)


People holding political office will have a principality assigned as a guardian angel as long as they are responsible for that area.


Amael, Anael, Cerviel and Haniel

The Archangels is a confusing order because most of the members also belong to other choirs. Their primary function is to intervene consistently in the affair of each and every life. Archangels can be with anyone and are present on every battlefield and impending disaster as well as giving special concern to every private anguish and sorrow.


Archangels can be guardian angels to anybody and everybody.


The Archangels are the governors of the angelic realm and have specialties to help all Divine creations. Archangels will instantly answer your urgent calls when powerful and immediate assistance are needed. These angels manage the concerns of many realms and dimensions. Archangels are very large and radiant.


Barachiel, Gabrielle/Gabriel, Jehudiel, Jophiel, Sachiel, Metatron, Michael, Raphael and Uriel

The ninth and final order of angels according to the organization of celestial hierarchy. These angels are the closest to humanity and it’s labors and concerns.


Most guardian angels belong to this order. Also included in this order are specialty angels. There are specialty angels for every human concern. Categories include money angels, business angels, love angels, soulmate angels, travel angels, etc.


They have the most human-like appearance compared to other angels. They make look like a traditional angel or even a mystical creature such as a Pegasus, mermaid or animal.


These are the angels to ask about day-to-day issues and if one is open, angels of this realm are the easiest to see and hear in the beginning.


Adnachiel, Chayyliel, Marniel, Phalag


Your angels may have been Divinely led to this site to learn how you can personally connect with them.

You are invited to explore this site with an open heart and mind and know you are never truly alone.

The Divine and the angels want to help you on your spiritual journey.

Learn why Divinity created Angels, the beings of pure spirituality.

Discover how to call on the great and powerful Archangels . Learn each one's strengths and specialties.

Learn how your Guardian Angels can influence and improve your life.

Lightworkers  volunteered before birth to help Earth and its population heal from the effects of fear.


Archangel Michael is the protector and guider of light.


Learn about angelic soul clearings, cutting negative etheric cords and shielding.

Gabrielle/Gabriel, the Archangel of communications, inspiration and divine guidance.


Meditate to activate your third eye and meet your higher self.

Archangel Raphael rules healing energies.


Work with Raphael to heal yourself and others. He can also protect during travels.

Archangel Uriel's name means "Light of God" and is the Archangel of Salvation


Uriel can assist you in becoming a master of your energies.


The aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds all living things and inanimate objects.


The source is psychic or “soul energy.

The influences of the Chakras.


Learn this importance of clearing and balancing these energy centers.

Developing your intuition can bring you into harmony with life.


By trusting more than what we just see or hear we become empowered.

The word purpose means to have intention, reason and drive.


Our lives are about evolving as souls.


This is a chance to get information about your angels, guides, life path and what they’ve observed.


It’s also an opportunity to ask questions about spirituality and day-to-day life.

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