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Our aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds all living things and inanimate objects.


The source is psychic or “soul energy.”


The human aura is three dimensional and composed of different levels of energy.


The first layer surrounds and supports the physical body; it’s called the astral or etheric body

The second field is affected and changed by what we feel and is appropriately called the emotional field.


The third is the mental field and is controlled by our thoughts, attitudes and viewpoints


There is a fourth field, the spiritual aura, which can extend great distances from the physical body depending on the awareness of the individual.


It’s important to keep your aura strong and healthy.

A clear, strong aura will help you feel serene and enable you to focus on the positive.


A strong aura is also essential in any intuitive work because it offers clarity and protection from negativity and illness. Over time, we absorb other people’s energy and emotions.


These can be positive or negative, but the energy is not ours and can affect our ability to stay grounded and centered in truth.


Cleanse your aura to recharge your energy and to keep yourself grounded when you feel scattered, fatigued or overwhelmed.


Keeping your aura energetically replenished allows your true self to shine through!


Cleansing and strengthening your aura enables you to have good health as you are not as apt to take on other's energies, including illness, fear and anxiety.

Have you ever started the day feeling great only to run into people who dragged you down with complaints or impatience?


If your aura is strong and your boundaries are set, the small stuff won't get to you as easily.


When your aura is cleansed and you are centered, drama and tension can be avoided.

Dark, dingy auras usually are due to ill health, negative lifestyles and situations. It can also indicate depression or a disagreeable nature.


Taking control of your energy body is claiming your personal power of your own mind and emotions.


It an essential step to claiming your power as a healer, psychic reader as well as an individual.


The boundaries of the aura on the left are very jagged and uneven. A clear aura, like the one on the right, that has strong distinct egg-shaped boundaries.

Common Aura Colors



General Meanings for Aura Colors

The following color interpretations are my perceptions through my own studies. Each individual must use their own intuition to interpret what colors in the aura mean to them. The general consensus is that clear, bright colors signifies positive and pure energy.

The more vivid and intense a color appears, the more positive. When an aura color is murky or dark, it indicates that it’s polluted with impurities, negativity and fear. Within each color are countless shades and meanings. Don’t limit yourself to the list below because it is your intuition that will determine what a particular shade means to you.



Vibrantly active, red reveals physical energy or anger. It conveys passion, inner vitality and is usually indicative of good health. These people enjoy parties and social interaction. 


Professional dancers and athletes are usually surrounded by red auras because their physical activity gives them a strong life force.


Deep crimson indicates a high sex drive. Burgundy can indicate egotism about an individual’s outer appearance or lust.


A pure, bright red can restore depleted physical energy so if your feeling tired, imagine a bright red light surrounding you.


Deep, dark maroon reds can indicate touchy tempers and if there is a spiky border it means the person is very angry and can psychically attack. Watch out!


Murky reds indicate someone trying too hard or frustration. Localized red spots can indicate a physical irritation.

Indicates love, affection and good temperament. Rose pink is a sign of unconditional love and sensitivity. Motherly love.


Pale pink shows true romantic love.


A coral pink shows the person is probably infatuated or in a romantic relationship.


Deep pink indicates deep commitment, mature love.


This is sometimes the color of a practicing healer or can indicate that spiritual healing is currently taking place.


Magenta means that you are an emotional healer. Thankfulness.


Fuschia pink shows positive and pure energy. Preparation for change


Muddy pink can denote immaturity, over-dependence on others and emotional neediness.





Bright orange is a sign of healthy sexuality. Muddy shades indicate self-indulgence.


Reddish orange suggests slyness. If it is “flaming” off the body it denotes sex running riot.


Orange around the belly on a woman can suggest she’s pregnant. Orange can also show up when someone is very artistic or involved in an artistic project.


Whenever anyone is working on new projects or creating something new in their life, orange can come through.


Peach indicates a person who’s compassionate, understanding, and makes sacrifices for others—they need to make sure they don’t get drained.


A dirty orange can show up if someone’s creativity is blocked.

Clear, bright yellow signifies intellect, confidence, high self-esteem, warmth and compassion.


It is also a personal power color, it says, “Pay attention to me, I know my stuff.” It can also represent a fun person or a risk taker.


People with sunny yellow auras are happy and take joy in their life. 


Pale yellows can show someone who is very intellectual and studious.


A muddy or dark shade denotes a fearful, resentful, lazy person who feels the world owes them. Or, someone who is very dogmatic and over analyzes everything.


A very dark yellow can make someone unapproachable to others. Someone who is unpopular will probably have a dark yellow aura.





This truly spiritual color is rarely seen in the aura—it is the sign of saints or godly beings. They radiate good will and attract those that need a spiritual boost. 


 It’s usually depicted as halos because it’s often seen around the head. Used in healing, gold is an excellent overall aid and protection.


These people can make whatever they are working on very visible and suddenly noticeable to others. Their actions are lingering like a domino effect or may set off a positive chain of events.


Gold shows power, spiritual achievement, dedication, inspiration and harmony.

Metallic Silver indicates Intuition. Symbol of encouragement. Shows someone who has a strong spiritual practice through yoga, meditation, etc.


Dull silver indicates a person interested in spirituality but possibly only on a superficial level.


White silver may be seen around older people as a sign of wisdom.


When someone is surrounded by a grayish-silver it indicates erratic mental energy and delusion or possible mental illness.


On the other hand, metallic silver can be very protective—visualize it around your car.





A clear, fresh green shows balance and growth; a pastel shade, spirituality. Someone full of compassion and is the aura of healers.


Kelly green indicates happy homelife, good parents, loving family.


A minty shade shows that someone is very flexible and adaptable. They should guard against being taken advantage of or being wishy-washy.


Aquamarine blue shows someone who is very laid back and maybe a little lazy. This can also show up after a long meditation or period of deep spiritual healing or thought


Dark green indicates deceit, jealousy, envy and selfishness.


Olive green auras can indicate someone who is driven by feelings of scarcity and that everyone else has more than them. Not able to recognize their blessings and, like a bottomless pit, always needing more and more. Muddy olive green denotes greed, deceit or depression about finances.

This can be a deeply healing color and indicates an independent spirit. Indicates a peace lover and someone who lives in harmony with their environment.


Dark blue areas in the aura show stubbornness and inflexibility. Someone who enjoys their work. 


A navy blue is highly protective and can also indicate a lot of intellectual activity. Blue-green indicates a preoccupied person who may be more of a thinker than a doer.


Turquoise signifies someone who is insightful and a good counselor or therapist. Teachers often have turquoise auras. People with a lot of blue in their aura are very concerned about the welfare of others


Cornflower blue lights denotes that Mother Mary is with this person.


Dark, muddy shades can indicate depression, mental confusion, pessimism and self-imposed victims. Gray, stormy hued blue suggests a lonely person and/or a worrier.





Indigo is the timeless color signature of a priest or priestess and is emanated by the seeker of truth.


It is the color of clairvoyance. Those with indigo are usually interested in magic and universal laws. They are very spiritual.


A sign of true spiritual power.


Individuality, Originality, Encourages uniqueness, Creates innovation and open-mindedness.


Intuition. Clairvoyance. Trustworthiness. Creates a deep meditation state.


Murkiness in an indigo aura can show this person is so observed in the spiritual realm that they could be a hermit or too self-absorbed.

A pure violet signifies an intensely spiritual person.


Deep purple shows spiritual leadership, inner divine radiance and  high spiritual attainment. These souls have usually spent many lifetimes of selfless learning and service.


Pale lilac shows love for humanity and cosmic consciousness. They have a need for peace and harmony and like to contemplate and meditate.


Lavender auras may indicate someone in self-conflict. Can show someone who’s energy unfocused and may have an underlying problem such as alcoholism or drug use.


Murky purple can exposes egotism, a superiority complex and arrogance. It can also indicate a persecution complex, where the individual blames others or environmental influences for their undesirable experiences.





Gray is not a great color to have in the aura. A band of black or gray around the head shows a person suffering from fearful and/or depressed thoughts.


Gray spots indicate negative thoughts or attitude. Situated on the solar plexus and lower body shows pessimistic emotions.


Patches of gray can indicate a serious illness in the part of the body where the color is localized.


An overall gray aura, which is not that common, indicates  destructive personality, someone who is mean, violent, dangerous, and should be avoided.

A vibrant and clear brown characterizes level-headedness and groundedness. A materialistic person with good business acumen and organizational skills. More focused on the material world.


When murky, it can represent blocks and stale energy.


A dark brown indicates someone who is greedy and wants what they want NOW. A yellow-brown can indicate an obsessive-compulsive personality or someone who feels out of control in their life.


Beige indicates mediocrity; grounded but not very enthusiastic. Someone who is placid and happy, monotony or lack of activity.





Like gold and black, this is not a color that is usually dominant in a human aura.


It always indicates a highly evolved, divinely spiritual being—such as a saint or holy mystic.


It is a color of purity and clarity.


People with white auras can also be idealistic and dreamy, and in extreme cases “way-out there” and disconnected to the everyday world.


Babies and young children often have white auras as white is a reflection of all colors and no color has dominated.


Circles of light in the aura are usually highly evolved spirits like angels or guides.


Creamy white indicates Acceptance, tolerance, & maturity. Charming, thoughtful and gracious.


Pearl white can indicate prophetic and mediumship abilities.

An actual black aura is generally rare which is good for all of us because black indicates hatred, negativity, depression and malevolent. Black indicates an evil personality devoid of human warmth.


This color is often seen in sociopaths (those who never feel guilt). Personally, I’ve never seen a pure black aura and hope I never do! If it is localized around the body it usually indicates a life-threatening illnesses.


When black appears in an aura, it is usually localized or appears as wisps floating through the aura.


Black always represents a blockage of light. Patches and spots can indicate represent self-protection, secrecy  and shielded knowledge.


If you come across someone with patches of black in their aura they’re probably trying to keep something from you.



In your mind’s eye, picture an egg shaped container of white light completely surrounding your physical body.

Visualize yourself in the center of the cylinder of light.


Extend this ethereal light about 5 feet out in all directions.

Slowly, breathe in this brilliant light.

If you notice any dark spots, clear them away with the white light.

With intention, make the light brighter and brighter, as intense as you can visualize.

See the light as luminous, white with pastels playing through it.


Breathe in each pastel color.

First a pale, glowing pink light—take in a deep breath. After that breathe in shimmering peach, Next draw in a pale, almost white incandescent yellow, Followed by bright iridescent green, Then inhale pastel blue illumination,

After that luminous, calming, lavender.

Take a deep breath or two for each color.

Followed with a few deep breaths of holy pure white light.

Draw into the cylinder, spiritual protection by thinking of Divinity.

Your aura has been cleared and strengthened—it’s that easy!




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The source is psychic or “soul energy.

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