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Readings are for Personal Insight Purposes only. As I mention on my website disclaimer, readings are not meant to be curative for any physical, mental, emotional, or any other condition. I do not engage in any diagnosis or treatment of any kind for any physical or mental or other disorder or condition.


After the reading, I have to cut the cords and break the connection, therefore, will not remember details about the session. I cannot carry around everyone’s information or psychically keep abreast of the constant changes in everyone’s lives. Please don’t contact me after the session and ask additional questions you forgot to ask during your reading. You are always welcome to get another reading for more clarity but know I receive many emails every day from people seeking advice and no longer have the time to respond to all the requests.


Readings are not a substitute for medical, psychiatric treatment, psychotherapy, and therapeutic counseling or any other form of professional therapy. You are agreeing that it is your own personal responsibility to determine your own need for any professional counseling or medical treatment and to seek this counseling and/or treatment as needed. You also are accepting complete responsibility for your own mental, emotional, spiritual, psychological, and physical well-being. You are agreeing to take the necessary steps on your own accord to ensure this well-being. Any action or inaction you decide upon is completely your choice and responsibility. Please see your health or other professional for assistance or treatment, if needed.


You are acknowledging that you have voluntarily agreed to participate in the reading and that you have requested me to do so, according to your own free will. I believe in a free will Universe, so I respect your free will. I expect that you will use your own discernment to only take what resonates in a reading, while lovingly tossing aside what doesn’t resonate with you. In the same vein, it is unrealistic to count on exact dates or outcomes for you in readings. The angels tend to give possibilities that are applicable in the present, but sometimes, things that are presented now may not apply or even make sense until a later date.


I leave the decision-making up to you because I believe that only you know what is for your highest and best good in creating your own reality. Also, you have your own intuition and connection to the Divine. I’m simply a temporary messenger assisting you in opening up to receive your own Divine guidance.


Please understand that I cannot control the information that comes through from spirit or angels, as I am merely the messenger. Sometimes, definitive answers we are looking for are not given because we are not truly ready as of yet to receive the information. Also, you may have a question of the heart that is more pressing than the one that is on your mind. So, the information for the question of the heart will very often come through stronger in a reading!


Readings only show possible outcomes, not a definite fate. We are all gifted with free will—I will happily show you to your path, but only you can take the first step.


Remember, these are suggestions—no destiny is written in stone. Your free will, along with, to some extent, the free will of others, determines your outcome.

Readings are a wonderful way to get guidance in your life but God and benevolent spirits are not going to live your life for you and give you a step by step guide on where to go and what to do.

That would rob you of your right to free choice on Earth. My goal is to help people heal and empower them to take control of their life and live it to its fullest.

While spiritual healing is not a replacement to conventional medicine, it is used successfully as a complement.


Spiritual healing has been known to help some people where conventional medicine has failed. However, it is in your best interest to seek medical attention for any symptoms you may be experiencing.


Read my entire Disclaimer here.

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