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I don't know what my life would be like if I had never met you. 


You have always inspired me to see a higher vision of myself - what I could accomplish if I set my mind to it, as well as see the bigger meaning of things going on in my life. 


Without this I don't know if I would've had the courage to make the changes that I have. 

Sheryl M.



Thank you so much. Everything in the reading about ____ and ______ are right on the dart. I never have some one who read 100% accurate. 


I will always treasure and enjoy all the readings you have done for me. 


I can't thank you enough, your reading mean so much to me. I finally understand the reason. There was some guardian angels trying to direct me.


I knew something. I just don't know why. You really showed me the answer. I never had anyone like you, who came out with the insight and answer.


I am just so happy and so appreciated your work. God bless you.

Olivia T.


 I ordered a Life Path reading from Janis because I was in search for answers to my questions...


And through my reading I certainly got my answers, and


I was left with a feeling of calmness and knowingness because of the information given to me!


I will certainly recommend Janis to other people in search of help and answers!

Once again thank you:)

Kenneth S.


“Thank you so much for the energy work you have done for me.


I have gone over the report and try to work with it everyday. Some of the things you told me were so intensely truthful, it's taking a little while to adjust to another way of thinking and doing.


My entire life seems to be moving forward again, I'm not sure what direction just yet, but I am following what feels right inside and letting life happen.


So far, it's been very good, and the few challenges I face are so much easier to look at and deal with. 


This has made an immense difference in my life and I can't thank you enough for being there for all of us who need you. “

Jeanne M.

"Thank you ever so much for doing this reading for me!


I feel that all the information will help me in my journey.


Just as you share your gift with others, for their individual growth, I too would like to do the same.


Not only do your skills allow me to believe that this can be done, but so does your belief in yourself!


Thank you for being a "beacon" of Light, and for your continued efforts in having a wonderful effect on all of humanity.


I am grateful to have had this opportunity to "meet" you, and I thank you for your time!!!

Nick S.

“The reading I had done was by e-mail and I was pleased with it, Janis answered all my questions, and then some.


I had the pleasure to get to know Janis by e-mail she is a wonderful person and very understanding and down to earth, you can tell she loves what she is doing. I had a lot of questions about my spiritual path and she helped me to understand.


It was a wonderful experience, Janis helped me to understand a lot of things about myself and help me to let go and allow good things in my life. She is a wonderful person inside and outside she give from the heart.


God bless you. Janis. Thank you, you made a difference in my life. And I will follow the things you had told me. You are an earth Angel (\0/)
SallyLee P.


Thank you so much for the thoughtful, very informative, and amazing reading.  I just read it, and will re-read it many times as I continue to "digest" the information and try to integrate some concepts in my daily life.   It was extremely meaningful, and I appreciate your extraordinary gifts (and time and energy!) in brining through the information.

Laurie M.

"Your reading, indeed, came through. I am so overwhelmed I can hardly speak. You have supported me in ways I cannot begin to explain. I'll be writing to you more to express my appreciation, but at the moment, I feel like I'm in "shock"; a "good shock, though! Please know that I am very grateful."

Sandra R.


Thank you Janis.  I appreciate your help very much.  I really enjoyed my reading...very accurate on the information


I do know about myself.  Your reading has given me incite and hope for my journey ahead. Thank you so much.
Abby L.


Just a note to thank you for my reading. Not only was the channeled information interesting, your own insightful additions were really ‘bang on’.

Anne W.


An extensive and very helpful reading. Thank you very much Janis and thanks to my angels!

Jesus R.


“Thank you so much for doing my clearing.  I felt a huge amount of energy surrounding me while you did it long distance, and have felt much lighter since.”

R. M.


Thank you ever so much! I have read and re-read my reading several times and will continue doing so, until I feel I fully understand the magnitude of's quite a bit to absorb. I am so grateful for your time and energy spent for my benefit. You are truly gifted and communicate in a focused, articulate and comprehendible manner. Questions??? None at this time, you were very thorough in your expressions in relaying my angel's messages

Diane S.

"My Guardian Angel  reading in October has been really insightful and helpful.  I have got over the break-up of my relationship which is now a year ago!  In my reading it was mentioned that I would know where this relationship was going by Nov 2004 by reflecting on his changes and actions....  Hope you are really well and I wanted you to know how much that reading has changed my life!  One day we may meet if I come to the US..."

Sue P.


“I had an experience that I did not fully make sense to me. I asked Janis to do an oracle reading and I received many answers. I am really glad and I thank God for Janis and her ability. My question was answered and the reading also provided many details my angels have been trying to tell me. It was very helpful in my life Thank you!!”

Barb L.


“As anyone I wasn't sure if she would be for real per say. But after my reading yesterday I was in amazement of how clear everything came through. She was able to tell me things only I would know and understand. My ride home was one I didn't expect. I ended up taking a long ride home not knowing which way I was truly going. During my ride I was relaxed and trusted that my Angels will guide me home. I seemed to go through areas in which I knew a couple people lived, but not close enough to see their homes. I had a sense of I needed to be reminded of these people and try and reach out to them for it was very necessary in doing so. My ride avoided the Highways and traffic and I was able to take in all that I had experience just a couple hours ago. I have to be honest I was nervous for this was my first time ever receiving a reading and a cleansing. But as I pulled up to where the reading was to be done, I was greeted by a wonderful Spirit, Janis and was able to relax and learn. Janis is truly a down to earth person even though her closest friends are from above. I recommend anyone who had doubts to just try it, it will help change you life in ways only you can experience. Do I plan to see her again, yes. In fact I plan to bring others her way including my teen children. I won't go into details of all that I experience for I believe you need to experience it yourself in order to understand what I mean. Janis, thank you for taking the time and meeting with me. I'm sure I will see you again real soon. “
Angela B.

I can't express in words all the emotions I have been through. I want to thank you for your angelic work. I first thought there would have been more dramatic messages, some sort of "Start doing this" or "Stop doing that" "This is who you are and what you have to do" . In fact, I am not surprised by what I read, all is smooth and simple, and I am already on the right path, I just need to listen more to others and calm the restless part of me. I find that what have been said about me is true, and will help me become more confident in myself and better focus my energies. Not very long ago, I was thinking that my goal in life should be to help others. I was probably divinely inspired since I was right, and the messages of yesterday made me realize that there is never a small contribution, all I could do to help is valuable. I can see that I have always been guided to the correct persons, and life have always sent me where I should have gone. It was simple to follow the directions even if there wasn't the bright "spots" and signs I thought there should have been. I consider myself lucky, but it seems there could be more treasures waiting for me."



"I know that I have told you in the past, but I wanted to tell you again that you have helped me so very, very much. My first husband committed suicide, then my father died 5 weeks later (very sudden and unexpected).

I was in a ten year relationship with a man who kept leaving me over and over - finally he left for good and then about a year and 1/2 ago, I learned that a man I loved deeply had died. I really felt, at that time, that I could not handle any more grief. I was so depressed and had so many unresolved issues and questions. I went to therapists and shrinks and groups and nothing helped - until you did a reading for me. You put my mind at rest. That was worth more than any amount of money! You are truly gifted, Janis - and I trust you. That says it all. Thank you so very, very much!

Teresa C.






“WOW ! ! ! Thank you, Janis, for your time and energy in channeling such a long and informative letter from my angels.


Knowing now what my angels want to tell me about my life and divine mission is a gift beyond words. I am in awe of the messages you were given on my behalf. It is absolutely beautiful that now I know where to direct my energies. During many portions of the reading, I was crying with an overwhelming sense of their love for me. You provide an invaluable service!”

Martha G.

"I saw Janis in person and was not happy hearing that the current man I was with was not my future life partner. I even tried to argue with her and tell her she was way off. That was a year ago. Now that I have moved on,


I have met someone wonderful and much more suited to me. I see that now I let go of an unhealthy relationship (my choice) that it made room for more positive people and opportunities to come into my life.

Marilyn N.

“I had a really amazing experience from a reading with Janis. She spent nearly two hours and did a clearing, a chakra balancing and an angel reading. It was marvelous. I really feel she has a brilliant gift. She is full of love and warmth and though I picked her name from a list, I knew


I found something very special the minute I read her email. She hit on some very real truths and the chakra balancing was especially great. I plan on taking some classes too.”

Stephanie R.



“She helped confirm things that I thought were true. And from things that I had experienced--I knew she was right. Janis you are a very insightful and kind person. I felt very comfortable with you. And everything you told me was right! Thanks Janis you’re the best!! “

Gloria H.

"Thanks so much,,,,whew lots to absorb!! I am very impressed with the reading, you are very thorough which will make it easier to understand. I have a lot to learn, its seems every time I read it I find new meanings to some things. Thank you. I will be in touch"

Judy L.

“ Janis did a couple of readings for me. I value her opinion and still write to her when I have a problem. She always makes time to write back to me and helps me when I need it. I found her reading to be very correct and she also did an angel clearing on me which helped me through some crises in my life.”

Mark H.


“Hey! You are GOOD! Thanks for the confirmation.”

Carol M.

“I really didn't know what to expect and it turned out to be one of the best experience I've ever had. Janis was very good at seeing who I was.”

Cyndi R.

“Thanks for the angel reading—it was eye opening!”

Jonathan P.



“I had an angel clearing, chakra clearing, and angel reading done. I knew when my reading was being done, felt very light and buoyant during this time. Janis is very thorough, very, very perceptive.


All of my issues and concerns were addressed. I also received helpful and interesting additional info. My continuing questions and comments in regards to my readings are promptly answered. Janis is amazing! I am very happy to have made her acquaintance!”

Beth V.

“Thanks for my latest reading, Janis! It was very encouraging, and directly on target! Now, to make sure it comes true... ;)


Janis's readings are better than going to a career counselor! She always knows just what a person would be best at doing--even if that person doesn't know herself!


If you don't know what to do with your life, go to Janis for some guidance.”

Kim I.

“Her reading was really beautiful, with specific information that made sense to me. She will let you ask as many questions as you want, of your angels, which is great. The reading helped me in many ways, and initiated a fundamental change in my outlook on life, and myself. Janis is also a very generous person with her time and I enjoy talking to her in general. Good website too, with lots of useful information.”

Erellim O.


“Her Angel Clearing really helped me to shed a lot of the emotional and psychological issues that were heavy on my heart, and overall I am much more peaceful and contented. She also provided me some information about my future and the things I can do to help me achieve my wishes, including resolving my health problems, my career and prospects for love. I worked with Janis in a professional capacity, but did not know the extent of her psychic abilities. During my reading she told me many things that I knew were true – I am a very private person about many things, and had not shared these with her or anyone else.”

Kris H.


“ Janis did a reading for me without knowing much about me. I was amazed. She was on the dot and told me things that no one knew. My mom and sister also read her reading for me and their comment was, "Wow where does she live, can we go and see her!" Well unfortunately I live in South Africa and that would be a bit difficult. My son has a lot of problems and he also wrote to Janis. All I can say is that without her help, we would not have gotten through a very difficult period in our lives. This is a very talented, highly spiritual lady with many gifts. I can truly recommend her to anyone that needs a reading or a clearing!”

Rosa H.

“It made me feel so much better about myself. I was severely depressed and was not getting any better. I went to 4 shrinks who couldn't help me. One hour with Janis and I am now coming out of my shell again. Janis described me perfectly and told me things that no one else knew. She made me feel better about my self. It didn't happen overnight, as I am still working on it. However Janis was the push that I needed. Thank you so much Janis.”

Michelle B.


“Thank you very much for this insight.  It really makes a lot of sense.  I now have a very good understanding of what I need to do to move forward with
my life and my relationship with my girlfriend.  It is a very difficult task to switch focus from a stressful external circumstance to focusing on myself, but I know I can do it.”

Chris L.

“I could not believe how accurate she was. She was very positive and uplifting. I felt a bit surprised when she told me about the large white angel that was watching over me. I really had the sense that she knew me very well and we had just met...I felt very energized and happy after the reading...  this whole experience has really reinforced to me that I am headed in the right direction. “

Debi L.

“I wanted to thank you again for all your help, and for the chakra clearing---I have noticed a huge difference in my happiness and well-being, and am now working daily with the chakra tape by Doreen Virtue.  I feel like the energy is just flowing so much more positively, and it has been the catalyst for significant changes in my life and mindset---thank you so much.”

Rebecca M.


“ Janis is an amazing and gifted healer. I've had many sessions with her over the years. Not only have Janis's readings been clear and accurate, she has always been sensitive to my needs. I trust the information and healing she has passed on, and almost always feel uplifted after a session.”

Patricia P.

“This was absolutely wonderful. I felt at peace immediately upon reading what Janis had to say. I feel more energy and have a positive outlook on what I had created in my mind as a dim future. Thank you for the much needed guidance and advice. I will be back.

Linda P.

“It seems like things are turning around for the better. I'm not sure if I would have found my way without your help. There is so much I want to learn and do, I just have to be PATIENT and balance my time and energies. Thank you for all you have done for me and with me. “

Lottie M.


“I’m so glad I recorded the reading Janis gave me. Many times events have played out exactly the way she said. People even used the same phrases Janis used in the readings! Amazing! I was a skeptic but not anymore!”

Cindy S.

“This was a wonderful experience! Everything was very accurate and the clearing has made me feel much more comforted and safe. I'm sure I will get another reading again in the future since this one was so helpful. Janis has an incredible gift.”

Danielle H.

“So far things are happening as she said and I'm just allowing the rest to continue as I reach my highest goal in life and stay focused. And that is to be a working outstanding actress. And so it is. I enjoy Janis's readings she is great. Thanks Janis.”
Lourdes C.


“It was great! Very informative, in fact the guidance I received has helped me in countless ways!! Her accuracy is astounding!!”

Adam H.


“The reading was very accurate, very insightful... thank you. I wasn't sure this would "work" but I have to say that it really does. Janis is a caring person with a real gift.”

Kris M.

“She helped me understand some things going on in my life at this time. I felt much better after the reading.”

Bonnie M.


“WOW!  Thanks so much, Janis!  This was wonderful and so informative.  I will print it out and re-read it many, many times.  I appreciate the effort you put into this.  I will visit your website to see the Archangel Michael clearing info. “

Juliet M.

“Thanks again for the wonderful Angel Reading. I am so excited - I read through it 5 times last night! I couldn't have asked for a better reading. My divine mission is more extensive than I expected, but nothing I don't want to do or feel uncomfortable about. “


“Thank you so much for the angel reading. I finally feel some focus.  The entire reading makes perfect sense. I already feel relief, a sense of purpose and a sense of direction. Thank you AGAIN, Janis. You are wonderful.”

Linda M.


“Thank you so much for the clearing and reading. I am feeling better and less afraid already! You've helped me a great deal.”

Danielle R.


“Thank you so much for the chakra clearing and balancing-I absolutely feel a difference already. Your report was most enlightening. I feel more positive and ready to embrace all things that come my way. Yours is truly a special gift. ALL the best to you!!”

Kelly E.

“ Janis reading was excellent, she helped me to feel better about my self.

Her reading was very accurate. I felt like I was touched by an Angel.
Thank you.”

Maria A.

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