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Intuition is an ability that can’t be measured by physical sensitivity or lateral understanding.


Intuition is also called "straight knowledge" because it’s direct insight into higher levels of awareness.


Those who liberate their intuition are able to pass through the mundane human ego self and bring truths of future, past and present into their awareness.


Shifting perception to a point where someone is able to perceive beyond the illusion of reality is easily attainable but many people are too encumbered by fear to be open.  


All of us have the capacity to find all the answers to all questions; all you need to do is rely on the truth that is inside all of us.

There are two groups of people, thinkers and feelers. This determines the way they respond to people and life situations.


Thinkers operate from the mental centers. They are more logical, rational and analytical. They usually rely only on their five physical senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell, to determine whether something “real” or not.


Feelers, on the other hand, operate from their emotional centers and are more creative, intuitive and expressive. A feeler will listen to their intuition or “sixth sense” to make decisions and determine the truth. Thinkers are definitely going to have a harder time opening to intuition.


If you are a thinker, any intuitive feelings are going to be questioned and a scientific explanation will be sought. This is a habit thinkers can break by recognizing this reaction and following their intuition anyway.


There is so much more to the universe that can’t be explained by science or rationality.


By trusting more than what we just see or hear we become empowered by knowing about others and ourselves. Life just becomes so much easier when we have answers.


Basically developing your intuition goes something like this. First, formulate a clear question or intention then quiet your mind of chatter (this takes practice. Don’t worry if it takes a while, just do the best you can).

To really increase your intuition, use meditation. Meditation is the practice of slowing down the mind chatter.


When you are more focused, you become more aware of your aura and how to receive information.


You allow yourself to stop and take a deeper look at situations around you. The more you meditate, the better and clearer your intuition will be.


Let go of any resistance or judgment.  Trust the first impression you receive then focus on that impression for deeper insight.


First 3 Steps - Before following any exercises to strengthen your abilities or performing readings you should always start with the following three simple steps.

Step 1: Create a Sacred Space

Find a comfortable, quiet place

Light some incense and candles. Play some new age or calm music

Gather items that are important to you: seashells, angel figurines, statuary, stones, crystals, photographs.

These items will be strong energy reminders and you may want to keep them in a special box or basket to be set up for every psychic session.


Step 2. Invocation of Protection

Light a candle and say something like,


“Dear Spirit,

As I light this candle, bless this sacred space. Let the light of its flame radiate love, light and protection to all four corners of this area. I ask at this time that any negative energies be released from this space.


As I now open my heart and intuitive channels. I am surrounded with Your unconditional love and protection. I now release any negativity so that I speak to the universe with the purity of my soul. I ask that all energy, healing and information be given for my highest good.


As I will, so It Be

I like to add, “Thank you for all the goodness and abundance in my life and the lives of my loved ones.”


You can also add thanks for specific friends, family, career, anything you are thankful for or areas that need improvement.

Step 3. Heighten Your Psychic Reception

Step 1: Close your eyes

Step 2: Quiet your mind by focusing on your breathing


Step 3: Breathe deeply. Take slow, deep full breaths from

your belly.


Step 4: Visually create a ball or star of golden or white

liquid light 4-5 feet above your body.


Step 5: Visualize a cord from the light to  the top of your head,

Step 6: Breathe in through your heart for healing energy.

Step 7: Fill your body with this energy.

Step 8 Consciously open to hear Divine Guidance.



The ability to literally feel for someone else is a finely tuned empathic sense.


It gives you the psychic ability to “read” auras and interpret information back to him or her.


It can bring you very close to people. You can sense their true emotional needs with unerring accuracy and people may be drawn to you like magnets.


Avoid absorbing other people’s problems—it’s easy for empaths to burnout.



Accessing information and/or energy from a higher level of consciousness is often called channeling.


It could feel like a connection to higher spiritual forces rather than a specific entity.


You are viewed as an old soul and will be sought out for spiritual insight and wisdom you’ve built up over many lifetimes.


You may also felt the presence of angels or earthly spirits such as fairies or unicorns. You can travel to astral worlds and comprehend esoteric concepts.


If you’ve been aware of an unseen presence or have seen a ghost, you have mediumistic abilities.


You may also be conscious of nature and animal spirits which act as guardians to you.


You can see, feel, sense or hear deceased loved ones or lingering spirits in certain places.


You can look into the spirit world and see different dimensions.


This vision is a rare gift.



You are vividly aware of nature and the spirit in animals, plants and trees.


You can understand animals’ behavior.


You have developed a highly tuned sense of detection.


This  instinctive link is aligned with wild animals—an intuitive ability that can literally save lives.


You can sense danger in all situations. You may also have an innate sense of what will harm or help someone who is ill.


Intuition is received from the spiritual realms through vibrations.

Just as light and sound have energetic properties so does intuition.

Everyone has a primary avenue of receiving the vibrations by sight, sound, feeling and thought.

These are the same communication channels we already use everyday.


If you are a visual person you’ll likely receive clairvoyantly (“clear seeing”).

People drawn to voices, music and sound would receive clairaudiently (“clear hearing”).

Those that experience life through emotions would be clairsentient ("clear feeling")

People who focus on the underlying meanings would receive claircognizantly (“clear knowing”)


Dreams – you’ll get your answer in a vivid dream

Snapshot mental pictures—a scene or vision will flash in your mind's eye

Mental movies—like a dream while you’re awake

Seeing colors or auras.



Angel lights—seeing white flashes or streaks.

Corner of the eye visions—movement or people that disappear when you turn your head.

Visual signs and symbols—seeing a hawk then finding a hawk feather later.

Physically seeing apparitions and spiritual activity.



Hearing a song on the radio that seems to convey a message or a confirmation to you.

A little inner voice helps you make a decision

You happen to hear a snippet of someone’s conversation and the words are exactly what you need to hear.

A loud voice booms from out of nowhere, warning you of impending danger.


Tightened muscles in your stomach, hands, jaws, back, and forehead as a sign of a negative situation

Butterflies in the stomach to signal impending happy news and sudden nausea as a sign of trouble.

A hunch or gut feeling to do something.

The feeling that a certain person is thinking about you and later proves it by calling you.

A strong sudden emotion that’s unrelated to your immediate surroundings but later proves prophetic.


Feelings of peace and joy that let you know everything is going to be ok

Smells that come from nowhere such as orange blossoms signaling a wedding.

Feeling a sharp drop in room temperature, a sign that a person in the room has questionable integrity

Picking up on another’s feelings as if they were your own emotions or physical sensations

Feeling a brush against your skin or change in the air pressure letting you know that angels, guides or deceased loved ones are around you.


Revelations – eye opening connections with spirit

Aptitude – Knowing how to fix a broken item without instructions or being familiar with the item

Facts – Someone asks you about a topic and you find facts in your mind that prove to be correct. You have no memory of ever learning, hearing or reading them.

Insights – You know the truth under a seemingly complex situation. Your insight simplifies the situation by helping you focus on the core issue.


Inspiration – You find yourself writing or saying ideas and concepts that you had never thought about before.

Ingenuity – You receive an idea about a new invention that is time-saving, lifesaving or otherwise vitally needed.

Foresight – As you are introduced to a new person or situation, you know the course of it. You later find the foresight was accurate.

Prophecy – You are told without actually being told something specific is going to happen and it does.

Enhancing Psychic Focus

Follow the Initial 3 Steps. Sit in a comfortable position and extend your arms out fully in front of your body.


Hold your two forefingers upright—about six inches apart.

Concentrate on the space between your fingers, keeping a steady gaze for about 30 seconds.

Next, gently draw the fingers together until a third finger appears. Be aware of how your focus moves to the position of this image. It could be to the right or the left depending on which finger receives the greater part of your attention.

Do this repeatedly until you can visualize a third finger without the help of the other two.

The position of this third finger is where you should look when reading an aura or doing a psychic scan.


Candle Gazing

Follow the first three steps for intuition: create your sacred space, invoke protection and heighten psychic reception

Light a candle for gazing. Place it on a table and sit down, facing the candle.

Gaze into the flame, staying relaxed and calm, watching the flame.

Now, focus your gaze at the place where the blue color of the flame meets with the gold—this is the point where your potential for psychic sight can be developed.

Continue gazing at this spot until you feel you have absorbed enough energy.

Moon Gazing

At the full moon, find a quiet place to relax and look up at the full moon. Follow first three steps.

Stare at the full moon. Allow your gaze to become completely absorbed by the moon’s light.

Close your eyes and note the intense blue image imprinted on your retina. Draw this blue color toward you and use it to visualize yourself.


Even if you are very analytical you can still enhance your intuition by living consciously and paying attention to the environment around you. Incorporate the following behaviors into your life.

If you ever get a sudden sense of danger or threat, never ignore it—trust your intuition. If you have a feeling in your solar plexus chakra pay close attention to what your “gut” is trying to tell you. Is it pleasant? Unpleasant?


When something is bothering you, that’s when you should pay close attention to your soft, persistent, intuitive “voice.”

Learn to recognize your sharp, rationalizing “voice.” This ego-centered voice will always hold you back from finding the truth.


The ego is resistant to change – instead of going with the flow we often react with fear to natural transformation.


If you one of your hidden feelings, hunches or predictions are proved right, enjoy the feeling of being “right on” in your judgment.


If you keep a journal be sure to make a mention of these.

Be playful! Create harmless games—imagine what color or outfit someone will wear the next day or what they’ll say.

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