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The word purpose means to have intention, reason and drive. When we live in purpose, we make a conscious effort to be or create something.


A life purpose is often the foundation of who we are. When it’s denied or submerged, it will feel like being in a paddle-less canoe just drifting along aimlessly.

Our lives are about evolving as souls. There are many reasons, big and small, as to why we return to this place.


Once we understand our Divine purpose, we can begin to understand why we are where we are in our lives and be accountable for our future. Sometimes what we would really like to be or do appears to be out of reach or impossible.

When we know who we are and understand what Divine gifts we bring to the world, our life has more meaning. If we understand our motives and fears it’s easier to get past obstacles and blocks.


When we're in harmony with the higher power, our life reflects this harmony as things just seem to fall naturally in place.

Our existence becomes more multifaceted and we're able to accelerate our personal development and spiritual progress.


It's also a process of digesting past experiences—especially the painful ones—from a higher perspective.

Our life purpose is generally not our career path or our lifestyle.


Our true life purposes—because we do have multiple reasons for being here—belong to the Divine realms.


All experiences were positive because from them we became who we are today and continue to grow.

Life isn't necessarily meant to be a struggle. We make it so when our decisions are made from our fears, we feel disempowered or force realities that aren't meant to be. 


Our basis for being here has as much to do with what we learn and what we become as with what we do.



Fulfillment and your Life Purpose

Everyone needs to have their basic needs met:  security—shelter/food/clothing, support—financial/community/family, and self-worth—confidence/drive/self-care; as a foundation to pursue their life purpose.


Look at this step as the first one in finding your purpose. There’s no time limit at this point of the journey because everyone’s personal circumstances vary. This is especially true of people who put the needs of others before their own. Those with a higher purpose must first focus on inner healing before being able to make a significant contribution to the world.


When our lives are stressed, chaotic or confined by destructive patterns it leaves us little time for self-reflection, inner compassion and sudden insight.




Start by looking listing your interests, talents, gifts, skills and values. When you define these you will feel a spark of excitement. List activities, settings and type of people that most interest you.


Understand your values in work, relationships, society and spirituality. Knowing where we personally stand on ethics, morals and ideals is one of the founding elements of understanding one’s purpose.


Think of what concerns you most in your community or planet. Define issues that awaken your passion and inspire you. Get connected to this passion on a very deep level, you may feel it physically, emotionally or spiritually. This is the fuel you need to find and pursue your life’s purpose.



Change and Transition Reflect and Go Within

You may need to make changes in the way you use your time before you’ll have room to find your life purpose. Therefore, you must stabilize your life.


We need to balance our life in a way that leaves us time and energy to devote to life purpose project.


This may mean getting out of toxic situations, cutting down on unnecessary spending, living more simply, changing priorities, improving health, stabilizing our financial situation, or changing some of our patterns and habits.


Even though this may take quite some time, it can be necessary before you make progress on life purpose issues.


Ask yourself questions to get deeper into the meaning and direction of your life. Meditate or contemplate, even if it’s only for a minute or two a day on what’s truly important to you. Make a commitment to be more open to the higher wisdom that lies within you. 


Once you find your life purpose, be what you aspire. If there is study, personal growth or healing involved be guided to meet those challenges as best you can. Don’t worry about time, everyone who makes the effort gets there one step at a time.


It may be a calling that you can no longer deny or you may find there have been hints and signs of what it is all along. You may find that you are already fulfilling your life purpose and want to take it to a higher level.


Support for Your Purpose Be Your Own Entrepreneur

We need the support of our family, friends and loved ones. Some people may feel the need for community support.


During this time surround yourself with motivating, positive people who are good listeners.


Financial support is also important because it can take a while to put some plans into action. Most people find working part time jobs helpful when changing course on their career path.


You’ll also need to able to stand strong in your personal power. Self-respect, self-love, self-confidence and courage are paramount to staying on course.


If you are blocked in any of these areas address this as part of building your life foundation.

For some people who already have a strong foundation, once they sense their life purpose it may begin to express itself naturally in their life. But that’s rarely the case, for most of us it’s a longer process consisting of personal growth, overcoming obstacles, experimentation, skill development and so-on. Gradually over time we get more clarity on more fulfilling and influential ways to contribute.


It can be tough in this world of huge corporations to make your career an expression of who we truly are on a soul level. It takes dedication, creativity and most of all, a good sense of humor during the process. The Divine reminds us all that the process itself is part of the entire journey so enjoy and honor each step.


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The word purpose means to have intention, reason and drive.


Our lives are about evolving as souls.