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Oracle Readings

By using oracle cards for your personal reading specific questions can answered relating to your relationships, career and other day-to-day issues and situations.


Common questions are, “Is there a loving life partner in my future?”  “Where is my current relationship going?” and “Will I get the promotion/job I want?” "Should I get my Masters Degree?

The cards will reveal the truth, not always what you will want to hear, but always helping you to reach your full potential and the best possible outcome. You will be given guidance and direction with integrity and compassion to assist you in problem solving and decisions. I use several oracle and tarot decks for readings. I will choose the deck according to which one I feel will best answer your question. In addition, I work with my own guides to find what your guides need you to know.


Along with providing your question, please include any background information you feel pertains to it.


Since this will not be an interactive reading a little background is helpful.


Let me know specifically what you are looking to get answers for so I can get as detailed messages as possible.


Please limit it to a few sentences or a short paragraph because I don't want to know too much beforehand as validation is important.


I do my best to get the answers to questions as they are conveyed to me.

Readings are for guidance not to provide you with winning lottery numbers (if I knew, wouldn't I be a multi-millionaire by now?) or the name of your "soul mate." Your destiny may be to experience many love relationships prior to meeting your life partner. You would miss out on many life lessons if you turn down opportunities of friendship with other people.


Also, many people have the same first name—If you are meant to be with someone named “Mike,” you could mistake the wrong person for your life partner and that would be a shame!


You'll get enough information to recognize them so don't worry. You just won't be getting their telephone number or address. Therefore, I am sure you now understand why I will never provide this type of information.


To order an Oracle Reading, please click on the PayPal button below.


I will be confirm your reading via email with more information once the payment clears and give you a chance to give me your questions and concerns.


PayPal accepts major credit cards and also debits checking accounts.

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How To Order ShiningLite Readings

To order an email reading, click on the PayPal button below or the one you desire.


I will confirm your reading by email with the scheduled date after PayPal notifies me of the verified payment.


PayPal is a secure site and accepts major credit cards and debits checking accounts. If you want to pay by check or money order, just email me at for instructions.



This is a chance to get information about your angels, guides, life path and what they’ve observed.


It’s also an opportunity to ask questions about spirituality and day-to-day life.

Gain knowledge and experience and get more in touch with your intuition without leaving the comfort of your home.


Individual classes are scheduled around your availability.


To

Deeply meaningful for those on a spiritual path who want to know who their angels are and how to connect with them. Guardian angels give loving gentle guidance only the angels can provide.


 To read more... 

Shift your life by opening your intuition with one-on-one training and certification


Discover and refine your life purpose and calling as an angelic messenger.





Do you have a gift, talent or passion that's desperately trying to be expressed but you're held back by fear, lack of resources or no support?


I am here to support you and offer practical advice to work through issues.

 Your more earthly day-to-day questions can answered using oracles and questions could relate to your relationships, career, finances and other issues.


To

What is my life’s purpose?” “Why am I here?” are common questions we ask. These are the questions that are answered in this reading. I will connect directly to the Divine who will reveal your Soul Path. To read more.

Getting a higher perspective and insight when considering changes is helpful.


I offer both telephone and email readings as well as in person readings.


Readings only show possible outcomes, not a definite fate. We are all gifted with free will—I will happily show you to your path, but only you can take the first step.


Remember, these are suggestions—no destiny is written in stone. Your free will, along with, to some extent, the free will of others, determines your outcome.

Readings are a wonderful way to get guidance in your life but God and benevolent spirits are not going to live your life for you and give you a step by step guide on where to go and what to do.

That would rob you of your right to free choice on Earth. My goal is to help people heal and empower them to take control of their life and live it to its fullest.

While spiritual healing is not a replacement to conventional medicine, it is used successfully as a complement.


Spiritual healing has been known to help some people where conventional medicine has failed. However, it is in your best interest to seek medical attention for any symptoms you may be experiencing.


Read my entire Disclaimer here.

Would you show up day after day for work if you weren’t paid?

Of course not!


And if you were an artist would you give all your work away?

Do you have trouble asking for compensation of your services provided, especially if they're non-traditional or spiritual?


Wondering why psychics and energy workers charge for their services? Click here!

How much of a part should you play in a reading? The most important thing is to be a good listener. Don't interrupt too often. Psychics work  from a flow of ideas. .


Whether you are getting a reading from me or someone else it's helpful to know how to get a beneficial reading.


Some "Do's & Don'ts" along with what expectations to have. Read more...