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Do you have specific questions or just want to some reassurance?

Telephone Readings can shed light on important issues and help you achieve more meaning in life.

Getting a higher perspective and insight when considering life changes is helpful.


And sometimes we just want to know the possibilities ahead of us.

You can ask as many questions as fits into the time period.

Telephone readings are no different than in person readings and more interactive than email readings.

How do Phone Readings Work?

Readings are scheduled by appointment in the order in which they were paid.

Keep any potential long-distance charges in mind.

I am available for weekday and weeknight appointments.

I use a conference service so the reading can be recorded.


 All phone readings must be prepaid in order to secure booking time.

After purchase we will work together and compare schedules to find the best day and time for your appointment.

Because of other  commitments, I have limited availability for weekend appointments so there is a waiting list for those days.

The session includes an electronic recording (mpg or wav) that will be available for download.

After purchasing your reading, please send an email to and include the following:

Your birthday (year not necessary)

A photo of yourself that shows your eyes, if possible

First names, birthdays and photos for anyone you want to ask about.

1 Hour $99

45 Minutes $81

30 Minutes $63

90 Minutes $144

Not available at this time




Cancellation Policy

I have no problem if you have to cancel due to a last minute emergency or something comes up just before a reading.


We can usually reschedule within a week. But, please be considerate and let me know as soon as you can.


I know things come up and we can't always get to a phone or email, but if you can, please do so.

If you are not available from more than 6 minutes into your reading time, then you will have to be rescheduled.


I will do my best to be on time, and to give you my best, please do the same.


Thank you for your understanding.

Please be aware that I will cancel appointments sometimes myself.


Sometimes at the last moment. I have children and just like in anyone’s life, things happen.


If it does I will reschedule or refund your full payment.


 If I need to cancel and reschedule, I will email you as soon as possible.

If you call for your appointment while drinking or using drugs (I am not speaking of maintenance medication here) your appointment will be cancelled and not rescheduled. It is very hard to clearly read someone under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


I give my full attention to the reading and am very serious about my readings.


The Client's Role in a Reading

To prepare for your phone session, please compile a list of specific questions that you would like assistance with. These can range from relationship issues to career, meeting your guides, past life information or any current situations you are working on in your life.


If you just ask, “how am I doing?” your guides will answer “fine.” The answers I receive are based on your readiness to ask specific questions.

I am generally not a medium as it is easier for me to focus on the higher angelic realms.


I can only connect with them through the filter of the archangels.


If this is what you are looking for, email me and I will suggest readers who specialize in connecting with deceased loved ones.

I do not foresee death in readings so please do not ask me about it. The Angels will not answer this no matter how many ways someone tries to get the answer. I do not allow myself to see anyone’s death.


Same with health questions, I am not a doctor and will not take on any such responsibility in a reading.


Please read Disclaimer


Remember, specific questions get specific answers, general and vague get general and vague answers.


Sometimes all your questions will be answered before you have a chance to ask because your angels know what is going on in your life, and they usually guide the reading to reflect that.


Other times they are picking up on your confusion and ambivalence and are reluctant to give clear direction if they feel there will be resistance to any suggestions.

If you ask about a romantic relationship be prepared to hear the truth. If I sense it won’t work out I'm going to let you know.


I will also let you the strengths and the weaknesses in the relationship that I pick up on.


My role is to  assist you in ways to change your behavior patterns to begin to draw a more positive flow into your life—I am not able to wave a magic wand to make someone else change.

You can assist in the process by being in a relaxed state and reflecting on how you have been feeling emotionally before you call.


Try not to schedule your reading in the middle of your workday, while shopping, or from your car phone between work appointments.


Understand that you play an integral role in this sacred process, and if you approach your session with an open heart and mind the reading will flow easily.



How To Order ShiningLite Readings

To order an email reading, click on the PayPal button below or the one you desire. I will confirm your reading by email with the scheduled date after PayPal notifies me of the verified payment.


PayPal is a secure site and accepts major credit cards and debits checking accounts. If you want to pay by check or money order, just email me at for instructions.


Please read my disclaimer and how online readings work so you know what to expect. 



This is a chance to get information about your angels, guides, life path and what they’ve observed.


It’s also an opportunity to ask questions about spirituality and day-to-day life.

Gain knowledge and experience and get more in touch with your intuition without leaving the comfort of your home.


Individual classes are scheduled around your availability.


To

Deeply meaningful for those on a spiritual path who want to know who their angels are and how to connect with them. Guardian angels give loving gentle guidance only the angels can provide.


 To read more... 

Shift your life by opening your intuition with one-on-one training and certification


Discover and refine your life purpose and calling as an angelic messenger.





Do you have a gift, talent or passion that's desperately trying to be expressed but you're held back by fear, lack of resources or no support?


I am here to support you and offer practical advice to work through issues.

 Your more earthly day-to-day questions can answered using oracles and questions could relate to your relationships, career, finances and other issues.


To

What is my life’s purpose?” “Why am I here?” are common questions we ask. These are the questions that are answered in this reading. I will connect directly to the Divine who will reveal your Soul Path. To read more.

Getting a higher perspective and insight when considering changes is helpful.


I offer both telephone and email readings as well as in person readings.


Readings only show possible outcomes, not a definite fate. We are all gifted with free will—I will happily show you to your path, but only you can take the first step.


Remember, these are suggestions—no destiny is written in stone. Your free will, along with, to some extent, the free will of others, determines your outcome.

Readings are a wonderful way to get guidance in your life but God and benevolent spirits are not going to live your life for you and give you a step by step guide on where to go and what to do.

That would rob you of your right to free choice on Earth. My goal is to help people heal and empower them to take control of their life and live it to its fullest.

While spiritual healing is not a replacement to conventional medicine, it is used successfully as a complement.


Spiritual healing has been known to help some people where conventional medicine has failed. However, it is in your best interest to seek medical attention for any symptoms you may be experiencing.


Read my entire Disclaimer here.

Would you show up day after day for work if you weren’t paid?

Of course not!


And if you were an artist would you give all your work away?

Do you have trouble asking for compensation of your services provided, especially if they're non-traditional or spiritual?


Wondering why psychics and energy workers charge for their services? Click here!

How much of a part should you play in a reading? The most important thing is to be a good listener. Don't interrupt too often. Psychics work  from a flow of ideas. .


Whether you are getting a reading from me or someone else it's helpful to know how to get a beneficial reading.


Some "Do's & Don'ts" along with what expectations to have. Read more...