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Animal Guide Reading

After doing guardian angel readings for a while I started noticing animal spirits showing up as guides also. Animal Guides, also known as “animal totems” and “power animals” are spirit guides in the form of animals on our planet. Humans learned a lot about hunting and innovation from studying animals and just as humans who pass over become guides so do animal souls. The guide is a collected higher self of that animal.

The Divine blesses us with these animal spirits to accompany our walk and make our time on this planet easier. Instead of being assigned to us, it’s thought that the animal spirit chooses us instead. Our sacred life plan, including our strengths and weaknesses attract these benevolent spirits.

These animal guides will stay with us until they’re sure we’ve learned everything we need from them. When that totem leaves another takes it place. Other Power Animals  remain with us for our entire lives. These teaching guides will instruct and protect as you move ahead on your life path. Animal guides help us reconnect with nature by reminding all of us that we are always spiritually and universally interconnected.


Your animal(s) will "talk" to you on many different occasions … either during meditation, through dreams, or while you’re awake. When you’re awake, you could very well hear them speak words to you, while at other times you may not hear spoken words at all – but more so only "feel" what they are saying. It is rather hard to explain here. But once you connect with your guide(s), you will then understand what I mean. As you develop your relationship with your guide(s), you will quickly learn the difference and know when they are speaking to you.


The thing is, they don’t manipulate a person’s thoughts or actions … they just give reasonable suggestions. Much like your ancestral or other spirit guides, they can offer you advice and help guide you through many challenging life lessons.


Just like other spirit guides, they’re not with you to make decisions for you and won’t tell you how to live your life as they are bound to never interfere with your divine free will.


People have nine or more animal guides at one time who have special lessons to teach us: they can help us learn how to better utilize our strengths to compensate for our weaknesses. They can teach us how to interact with other people or draw us to a specific career path.


But they’re not limited to these lessons—there are countless reasons a particular animal guide has chosen to work with us. They have a lot of wisdom and protection to offer us and it’s a  blessing to have the companionship of an animal guide. 


In this reading I identify an individual's six animal totems along with how they support, guide and protect.


  Animal Guide Reading  $36

 I spend about 30 minutes determining your power animals and putting together what comes through. Animal Totem Readings average about 1500 words. Available by email only